And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18


The beginning of our Parish can be traced back to October 24, 1993 when His Grace Mathews Mar Barnabas (Barnabas Thirumeni) of blessed memory, a bishop of the Malankara Church celebrated Holy Qurbana (Holy Eucharist) for and with the members of about thirty families in the basement Chapel of the then Diocesan Headqarters (Aramana) at 80-34 Commonwealth Blvd, Bellerose, NY. This celebration of the Holy Communion was done on an emergency basis as His Grace who was recently enthroned as the Diocesan Metropolitan was unwelcome in another nearby Parish where the aforementioned members of the thirty families used to congregate.

Since these families had no place of their own to worship, Mar Barnabas was kind enough to allow us to use the Aramana Chapel where we conducted our Sunday Worship on a regular basis from February 1994 onwards, with the Very Reverend Dr. Idiculla Cor Episcopos as the first Vicar, followed soon by the Very Reverend P. S. Samuel Cor Episcopos (See list of Priests) Although the Chapel was in the basement, His Grace allowed us the use of the upstairs of the building for Sunday School and other essential activities. This arrangement went on for a few years until January 1, 2001, when we were finally able to move into the current newly constructed Church building and celebrate Holy Qurbana.

As a tribute to the blessed memory of Barnabas Thirumeni, we should say that during our ‘occupation’ of the Aramana, His Grace was more than accommodative and joined us during the celebrations of Feast Days of the saints and during the Anniversary Celebrations of the Spiritual Organizations such as Sunday School, Martha Mariam Vanitha Samajam and MGOCSM. Also, we should remember with gratitude the financial and moral support received from His Grace for the construction of our current Church building. Even after our physical separation from the Aramana, Barnabas Thirumeni has been a frequent and welcome visitor to our Parish. His words of encouragement and admonitions helped us in keeping our faith.

A temporary consecration of the current new Church building was conducted by His Grace Mar Barnabas on April 7, 2001 when he blessed us with his presence for the Holy Week as well. A full-fledged Consecration of the Church building was conducted by His Grace Mar Barnabas during the Patron Saint’s Day celebrations of November 2 & 3, 2001 in the presence of a multitude of clergy and laity and civic leaders. The installation of the ‘Kaappa’ (Sacerdotal vestment) of Parumala Thirumeni given to Samuel Achen by His Grace Geevarghese Mar Ivanios of blessed memory, was also done during this important occasion. This only remaining Kappa of Parumala Thirumeni had been previously kept at the Basil Dayara (Basil Monastery) Vakathanam, Kerala, India.

The dynamic leadership of the Very Reverend P. S. Samuel Cor Episcopos has been evident throughout the history of our Parish. The Parish grew not only in number but also in the expansion of its Spiritual Organizations such as the Sunday School, Martha Mariam Vanitha Samajam, and MGOCSM. To help him navigate the affairs of the Church, the Reverend Father Andrews Daniel (Leeson Achen) was appointed as an Assistant Vicar in 2009. Subsequently, in 2011, the Reverend Father Gregory Varghese came on board as Assistant Vicar. With Samuel Achen’s retirement, Gregory Achen was appointed as Vicar as of 2016. Under the leadership of Gregory Achen, the Parish, with the grace of God, has been marching forward with new vigor and energy showing peak growth in the spiritual organizations such as Sunday School, MMVS, MGOCSM, FOCUS and GROW. Sunday School, in particular, has shown tremendous growth in terms of children’s performance and involvement in activities.