Sing unto the LORD, O ye saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.
Psalms 30:4


In 2001, Our Vicar Rev. Fr. P. S. Samuel has returned from his short trip to India, as well as an extraordinary mission to receive a gift from His Grace Mar Evanios Metropolitan of Kottayam. Our Achen has received "Parumala Thirumeni's Capa". Parumala Thirumeni is known to have three different Capa sets. One was buried with him in his tomb. The second was entombed with Kurichi Bava (Valia Bava) at Devalokam. Finally but not the least, the third Capa is with our Achen as he will put it safely in a display set, so that many of the believers will be able to see the Capa.

On Monday, 27th of August 2001, His Grace Mathews Mar Barnabas had come to our Church to lead us in evening prayer and to give a speech about the Capa and Parumala Thirumeni. Rev Fr. Mathew Vaidyan had also made a speech, quoting from the Bible about relics and saints. Rev. Fr. Paulose Adai, Rev. Fr. P. M. Philipose, and Rev. Fr. M. Johnson had all attended the evening prayer and the glorious event that night. On that special occasion, we had the editor of the Malayalam Patharam, Sri Joy Lukose, who made a speech about saints and our duty to emulate them in our Christian lives. We also had a breathtaking song sung by Sri Emil Kuriakose. Thirumeni had described a certain event from the Bible narrating the story of Elijah and his disciple Elisha and the mantle of Elijah, as an example of why so many people adore and cherish the garments, which belonged to Parumala Thirumeni and other saints.

The Capa was presented to Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Perumpral of Chennithala as a token of Parumala Thirumeni's gratitude for taking care of him during his illness. Achen kept the holy relic in his house until his death in 1941. His wife later presented the Capa set to her relative, His Grace Geevarghese Mar Evanios of Kottayam, who has graciously presented it to our Achen to be exhibited in our church at 175 Cherry Lane in New Hyde Park, New York.